Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ummmm...I'm afraid of white space!

Okay..well...I am finished (I think) with my website. I am at I am for the most part finished, I guess, but I still haven't published it yet because there are some kinks that I have to work out. For instance, on my Resources page, I have homemade hair recipes listed but I haven't figured a way to align the table on the page (the right side of the page is cut off). It's weird. I have to admit that I am afraid of white space - it doesn't seem that I have enough information. Hopefully it will be okay but at this point I'm really not happy with it.

For the most part, it was easier to do the project in webnode. With that being said though, it still took time to navigate through to try and learn how to do things in webnode mode. For me, everything pretty much stayed the same from the storyboard to the final project. I basically kept it simple, trying to make sure that I meet all of the requirments for the assignment. I have to admit - this was not easy for me - I'm keeping it basic. I was suprised thought that webnode was not easier to deal with - I saw the click and drag option but wasn't able to do it.

Differences between the two sites: 1) Links - all you had to do is put type the link in and webnode automatically knew what you were talking about - Frontpage required you to highlight and insert link 2) Easier to deal with templates in Webnode - templates were way nicer in webnode 3) Tables - ironically, tables were easier to deal with in front page - in webnode my tables are a little off and not centered and I wasn't able to put captions underneath my pics - under preview mode everything was all jumbled up - couldn't figure out how to make it right 4) Menu option - Webnode has suggestions on what you can do as opposed to Frontpage - no help suggestions provided 5) Font - couldn't figure out how to change the size? 6) HTML Codes easier to work with in Webnode - when I inserted the code in Webnode the video actually showed up - in front page it didn't - one one of the pages I had to insert a picture to fill the space where the video should have been. Hmmmm....

Similarities - 1) Pictures - resizing functions were pretty much the same 2) Text - insertion of text was basically one of the easiest thing to do on both programs - just cut/copy and paste on he page. Of course it's important that you have a basic layout of what you want to do (storyboard) regardless of which program you choose to use - that's really really important!

I am so glad that this class is over. I am not looking forward to showing the class my final project - it just seems to be unfinished. I learned alot but it was very taxing on my brain. Looking forward to vacation - SC here I come!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Are You Serious?

Wow - I just logged onto Webnode and it is so awesome!!!! I can't believe how awesome Webnode is making this process already. So much easier than FrontPage! YAY....!!!! To be continued.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Week 5 - Website Ideas website, Don't Buy The Lye! is going to be about natural hair - it will explain what it means, the advantages of being natural and will include web resources, links and videos. Hopefully it will be a clear and complete resource for those that would like to begin to learn more about natural hair. I intend for my site to be simple and understandable. I chose this topic because I have been natural for close to three years and I have spent a significant amount of time surfing the net in search of knowledge pertaining to natural hair. For the first two and a half years I chronicled my hair growth and hair change, thoughts, problems, solutions, etc. - I guess this past year I kinda fell off of the wagon because I don't chronicle anymore. All of my images will come from my personal collection - I looked at the free digital photo websites that were provided for us via but unfortunately, I couldn't find any pictures that would fit into this topic. It's okay though - I will work around it. I do not have an HTML Editor and will be using FrontPage - I don't like the Personal Website Editor ( I think that's what it is called) that was shown to us in class. I am going to see if I can find FrontPage on the web.

Storyboarding helped me to visually plan out what my website as well as the specifics of what will be written on the page. I already did my storyboard but I will transfer it on the Storyboard example that is provided in Diigo. The questions asked on the syllabus has helped me to be more focused on the main goal of my website. This is a huge project that is making my tummy turn. UGH. I complain too much on this site. I know. I am sorry but this is tough.

Thoughts about the reading: WHOA. Big WHOA. I don't know if I am advanced enough to used the Advanced Tips and Tricks - but I must admit - I did try the Auto Sharpen tool that was introduced in this reading, but, as usual - this varied considerably from version 7 to version 6 (that I downloaded). So................... I had to search but I figured it out. It didn't work though - hmmmmmmmmm....