Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 3 Reflections

WOWZERS...the lab, the reading, the evaluations were way heavy for me this week - but I got through it. Out of everything, I really enjoyed doing the HTML lab! Can't wait to add pictures. Yay! The information in the book was really helpful - I like the fact that the book is easy to read and alot of information is repeated. The chapters focused on how simplicity, organization and clarity is way to go. Wow - I had the CRAP principles working inside of me all along before I even took this class - I used to think that I was just being lazy when I didn't want to go through a website because of it being to wordy and not simple enough - see there - innate CRAP residue working on the inside all along! HA! The principles of index/site mapping, responsible linking, and mapping out a general plan/list of things to be included in your website it pretty much common sense. Information found in diigo and the Wilson Web database was much more technical. Actually, I used the information found in the "Evaluating Websites" in articles to complete the website evaluation assignment - these articles seemed to have the same information repeated in them for the most part. The Kim Guenther article was more difficult for me to understand though. WHOA.

The information that I have learned will not only help me to create an organized and clear website,but I will also have a "universal focus" and be mindful of the standard monitor settings - one size surfing (800x600) and alt labels for those that do not have graphics. As far as me being more critical of websites - yes of course - the more you learn the better you understand things!

I'm anxious about the lab due for next week - I wanted to get a head start on it this week but obviously this week was way way heavy so I didn't get to it. Wow. I hope I make it through this class in one piece. The day after the last day of this class (7/14) - I will be on vacation - a much needed one let me tell ya....

Oh - and I just realizd that I lost the second part of my web evaluation - one hour down the i go again.

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